New Year 2017 Vibe!!

Hello beautiful people!


Welcome to 2017 ! Yay we made it guys, not because we are perfect but just because we found favor in the eyes of the almighty.



I want to take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year, a year full of success , growth , health , money but must of all peace of heart!


Yes!! peace of heart and mind because with that you get to sleep at night and worried less about what others thinks of you or you hate the most. With a peace of heart and mind you live freely ! Peace of mind equal freedom!!!


The concept of freedom is one that sparks excitement in the hearts of most who hear it. We all have our own ideas about freedom and what it means to be free.


“The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom is courage.” -Thucydides



Galatians 5-13 “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”



Anyway this was my New Year outfit for church. I am wearing my really good friend Timmy Ajulo. This is a custom made Agbada and African attire wore in West Africa, in Togo but very popular in Nigeria.


Agbada is mostly constituate of 3 differents clothing pieces , made with a 10-12 yards fabrics. The agbada is a distinctive wide shouldered flowing gown worn by Nigerian or West African men in high office or on special occasions. In the past twenty years, it has become a potent symbol of power and status in our African culture.


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Designer : Timmy Ajulo

Striving for greatness…

Hello famm !!


I missed you guys so much, Sorry for the delays!!!  I will just keep you  guys updated about me real quick.  I’ve been really busy with school, graduation, my business, my future show in Italy as well as the campaign I recently launched for it.  Anyway this blog post is an insight about my current crowdfunding campaign. So stick around and enjoy the reading <3!!


My fashion journey started, back in high school, even though I found my love for fashion through the eyes of my mother. I knew I loved fashion, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted, until I started High school in the United State. My ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher encouraged me to pursue fashion as a hobby. This led me to start taking modeling classes at John Roberts Power. My time at with JRP made me realized that, the industry doesn’t open doors just for anybody. I wasn’t qualified to do certain shows, and it was difficult to book gigs at times.


It (I was not the only one who struggled to book gigs, most of us faced many challenges since we were not seen as ideal candidates many in the industry was looking for. This led me to think outside the box and take matters into my own hands. I wanted my voice to be heard and I wanted to create a platform that gives young people an opportunity to grow, to embrace themselves, and to be confident that they can achieve all that they wanted to in the industry. I wanted to be creative and have my voice be heard. 


I knew there were a lot of people just like me who love modeling but didn’t have the opportunity, so from there I started teaching my friends and peers what I learned at JRP, which is how to walk the runway. My friend and I began helping other nonprofit organization during their event by doing mini fashion shows for their fundraising campaigns. The models would wear some of my African church clothes, that my mom sent me from Togo.



After graduating from high school, I moved to Brooklyn, New York the city that exposed me to so much diversity, culture and the freedom to discover myself. I started my brand Unique by Reelia in 2013. A wearable accessories brand, that I started with $1. The idea behind Unique by Reelia was to promote boldness, uniqueness, women’s confidence, women of color, and women of different sizes and shapes. I wanted to create a space for young women of all walks of life that allowed them to express themselves and their creativity freely with confidence.


I started making my pieces in my campus dorm. People on my campus began to acknowledge my work and I started to receive invitations to participate in fashion shows. For the past 3 years since my company has existed, I have been involved in various fashion shows, including international shows, while taking care of my brothers and going to school full time. In the midst building my brand, I lost my mother, it was a difficult period of my life but I couldn’t give up on what I had started with Unique by Reelia. I didn’t want to give up because I wanted my mother’s legacy to reflect in my designs.


 I could have given up, however, that, wouldn’t have brought her back to me. The best thing I could do was to put all my efforts into my designs and my family. I wanted to create legacy where the world would see my mother’s creativity and personality through my unique pieces. Even though the world didn’t know about that strong and selfless mother of mine, through me and my hard work they would get to know her. My father is still alive and having him made me realized that I still have a chance to make at least one of my parent proud of me, I wanted to be a perfect example for my two brothers to look up to.


While building my brand.  I’ve had the opportunity to participate in, African fashion week DC, Ankara Miami fashion Week, Fest Africa 2014 and 2016, Black Fashion Week Montreal. At least 10 University fashion shows, and participate to 4 majors campaign. I’ve done at least 10 shows for causes as well. I’ve could be a part of such amazing initiative by using my personal finances to cover traveling expenses, materials needed, accommodations, and my participation in some of these major shows. In February of this year, I participated in a few competitions including one with Angela Simmons  in which I came second place in Miami.



This time around I wanted to do something different. I want to bring all that I’ve acquired during this few past years to Italy. My plan at first was a tour with my collection in Europe. I wanted to participate to few shows all around Europe like I was doing here in the state. Then I realized it was time for me to do something bigger than that. I picked Italy because it is one of the biggest Fashion Capital in the world. So, I wanted to bring diversity to it, I want to bring a different culture, I want to bring the celebration of diversity and give a platform to younger and uprising designer to showcase at this event.


I feel like here in the state we’re so lucky to be exposed to our culture and I think that something the Italy might be lacking. This time around I am bringing the show to this town call Farrara, a city full of immigrant students so we get to give them the touch of been home. That is why I need the financial support to be able to cover airfare for me and my tour assistant to be able to make this incredible event happen, because at this point not only I will be representing Africa but also the whole United State of America.


The campaign fund also includes my accommodations there in Italy as well and the place we will be renting for the event. The dj, the lighting crew, the decoration. and the performers as well.


As a young independent female designer, with no company structure or grants facilitating my projects, being able to come with this vision, is truly a milestone for me. I want to honor this opportunity not only for me, but to also to empower other young women just like me, that re going through a different aspect of life, the reason behind including my personal story to this project, to never give up.  I believe everybody has a dream and to fulfill it you must keep on believe in yourself and that everything in this life is possible.


I am asking for your support for my first international fashion Show that I will be organizing in Italy Ferrara. Your generosity will be what makes this possible. THANK YOU!

Here is the link to my crowdfunding campaign



Team Love

“We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization,” Martin Luther King, Jr.
As human we are all lifted up by one individual choosing peace.  We can all create something that can bring hopes, energies, and dreams to our community. What if it can be you and I making this decision together? Perhaps What if you are destined to be your generation’s peacemaker? This might be your calling, think it through!
In this blog I really wanted to focus on some positive ways to promote peace in our broken world. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding what else we can do to try to prevent violence and cultivate peace in our fragile world. For me, bringing my community together and celebrating each other is one way out of many!



I come from a tiny country situated in West Africa. As tiny as the country maybe we have about 6.817 million population (2013) compare to America that has a population of 316.5 million (2013).

The world we live in doesn’t really know about us , the first reason might be because there are just a few of us.  At the same time our country is hiding somewhere in West Africa. Beside that we are francophone, you can agree with me that is hard to be known around the whole word just by speaking French. That is also a set back for our country. Some of us do try to bring a name for the country since we was fortunate to move to the state at a young age. So this blog is basically dedicated to all those young Togolese people doing great things in the State or in Europe or even in Togo just so not only we can bring peace and love among us but so the world get to finally hear about us as well.


This topic came to my mind when  , Reine AKA Togo Barbie came up with this idea that every 3 month , we get to appreciate Togolese women doing great things , or that inspired us. So I told her I will support her project by posting a picture of a young that inspired me. Then I took sometime to brain storm the person am going to pick? wait who? because the list is so long and I can’t even pick one person. Then I knew I have to come up with a better plan. Basically my blog was the other alternative and am just here trying to write about lot of beautiful soul doing big things , with humility, love and support toward one another. It take so much out of a person to impress me , excuse my French I respect people hustle and I do respect people in general but I don’t just follow the crowd , I just basically want to be in my zone and be impressed.


How I know Reine? actually I don’t even know her , I’ve never met her, but I like what she does, She is a girl from my country that tried to bring artist , designer, MUA and dj’s and just incredible people together through her talk show on youtube. Do you understand that? she chose to do it and not getting paid while in other countries people get paid for what she does? I think that is just inspiring and if you get a chance stop by to support her chanel on youtube * LettalkTogovio*


Then I met this other young lady , her name is Rachida  Kankpe-Kombath she has her own cosmetics brand. This girl inspired me so much, she is driving and so determinate and I just love and cherish her friendship because it is positive but full of GOOD VIBES. I think the world need people like her, somebody who is just there to push you through. She inspired me because out 6millions plus habitants from my country she is the only female that I know with a cosmetics brand. Everyday I wake up and just ask God to keep on blessing her. Google her brand to know more – Zahara Cosmetics


Then I know this other girl doing incredible as well she has an accessories brand full of beautiful product made in Wax. Did I mention how crazy this girl is about Nana Benz? Wait I dnt even understand it myself , at this point am asking myself if am missing something? But I love what she does and I love how open she is about her business aspect and I do respect her hustle because she is doing pretty incredible. Nah I didn’t forget to mention her name , Am talking about  Carmen Attikossie and the name of her brand is -Cartik.



This other young lady doing incredible with her brand, “Kingdom Fashion” her name is Sika. Ah writing this blog I get even excited writing about a person I actually met before. But yes I met Sika 3 times , she was really cool and I did like her personality then, she was really friendly and so is her husband.She has a clothing brand , not just any kind of brand. Her clothes are pretty unique I would say the prom type of gown or wedding type of gown. They are gorgeous. When I said gorgeous I mean mind blowing gorgeous. You should google her work as well you will see where am coming from. – The Kingdom Fashion-



Let me talk about this guy I met about 4 years ago, his name is Kiki, Ah this guy is just one of kind, he is an award winning Supermodel. He is a hard working young man that chose not to give up on his dream, he is one of those friend that I can’t even afford losing. What I like about Kiki tho, he doesn’t work hard for himself , he basically work hard for all of us, our country in general and am really proud of how far he has come. I ‘ve watched him grow in this fashion industry which is not and easy industry but he chose to give his best and I believe the best is yet to come his way and I just pray so. Google Him -Kiki Elom Kossi



Oh wait this blog can’t be over , I almost  forgot to mention that my close friend I go everywhere with ! You know Nafi right, she is my friend because she inspired me a lot ok , I think is reciprocal. She is driven , she one of those person that will chose to stick with you through it all , she inspired me because she a strong  hardworking woman…….. And she s so good at makeup ! She is one of the few I can trust with my face. plus she is so beautiful OMG that black skin beautiful… She can really model if she chose to go for it! You know we all just really need that one friend that understand us, drama free type of ish .. personally that is all I need right now!


Then I have this other friend, her name is Brigitte , am one year older than her , and this girl inspired me so much ok, this is someone that I will go too if I want really to slap me in my face y’all. But this girl got her associate degree then her Bachelor and married with a baby. Wait! what? for somebody younger than me she got her life together tho. OMG am not even comparing her life with mine right now! am just really proud of her. I love the fact that she s happy wherever she is. That is what inspired me very much! That is all that matter !


Did I mentioned how much of a fan I am of myself tho? Nah!! , I will keep that one for another time! 😉




This t-shirt is everything mehn. It is a must have ! yeah basically it conclude everything happening in this world nowadays. We are all foreign citizens , especially in America so we have to embrace our differences and celebrate peace at its best!

The CEO of this brand is Jean-Luc Fatou, he is a really good friend of mine and of course he is from Togo. I really like what he is doing with his brand!!

Be an Ambassador of love today!!

Link to their website will be bellow==> check them out!

Now you see my dab game too strong tho!

My shoes is a gift from my friend Nafi

and am wearing this purple Zahara cosmetics lipstick mixed with pink LA girl lippy!


Fashion Forward

So you know how I’ve been blogging for a while? well today i made it a bit personal this time 😉

Last Saturday i had a shoot date with the CEO of Zahara cosmetic, Miss Rachida , for their fall photoshoot.  I dressed up and showed up! i kinda like this fall style of mine , so i decided to share it with you all. I got to pose for the camera once in a while so it was just one of those days! OOps and i actually shoot with two photographers on the site  “aye Lucky me hah!” Over all it was a fun date , i got to meet some of her beautiful models, you know those types of beauty that actually confirm how God is actually an artist right ? lol silly me! 😀

I will actually post two of the pictures i feature with Zahara cosmetic that day! well i meant my accessories since it was a collabo!












SHIRT : black regular tank top



NECKLACE/ EARRINGS : Uniquebyreelia

VEST:  Nordstrom rack

SHOES : Rock & Candy

Lipstick: Zahara cosmetic

BANGLE : Charlotte Russe

Photograph: Cruffent & Missllaneous

Zahara Cosmetic Accessories Collabo

12042984_1616367741957714_364931615256494543_n 12046806_1616582058602949_5730328892151191668_n

Model- @toadzo
Necklace- @uniquebyreelia
Wearing Zahara Cosmetics

MUA : Rachida Kankpe-Kombath

Makeup : Zahara cosmetic

12107276_1615634715364350_6546487226286090043_n 12119049_1615657168695438_1612532238386614876_n

Model- @fashionita_lareine
Necklace – @uniquebyreelia

MUA : Rachida Kankpe-Kombath

Makeup : Zahara cosmetic


African Women

To be an African, is to be beautiful in every shade. We love our accessories, perhaps because it has been part of our history and culture. I love how Nigerian woman dress for their traditional wedding. Having a lot of Nigerian friends and being around them, was one thing that inspired me to come up with this project. These accessories and head tie Gele are now available in our shop. For more information contact us!
























PHOTOGRAPH: Mac-Adar  Kouevi—- IG: Cruffent

MODEL1 : Sergine Cadet — IG : Syr6

MODEL 2: Nafissatou Salami — IG :nafissajolie

HEAD TIE: Adesola Omojibike — IG : Adesola.omojibike

MAKE UP : Nafissatou Salami — IG :nafissajolie

CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Unique By Reelia — IG : Uniquebyreelia


Eternal Woman

Being a woman today, is like being an Angel and a devil at the same time.  A woman today is secret is hard and brittle at every moment.  She no longer has the heart to submit ,but It protects enormously. Being a woman is given life , Faced the best and worst. Being a woman is knowing how to build and forgetting all the stress that come with it. Women are always eternal .


When it come to Sensuality ( it represent a woman ), A balance approach (also women ), Being a mother, a wife and a business partner at the same time, ( this also represent a woman strength ). They re exciting and full of mystery. Before all the challenges ( we need to respect the women). They are Demanding and hard working, they have no choice. We like to be independent. Being a woman – being a soul – Being a lady – be charming – Be calm – Be a weapon. All the sensitivity of a soul, that’s being a woman Being like a honey, being nice , Being the one you dream of.

Be free is the key , that’s being a woman. ”  Perle Lama


They said babies are gift sent from above, it actually make sense , they are born innocent after all. I really love babies, well children. I think they look really beautiful and loving , they forget and forgive quick. I can’t wait to have my own kids, my friends think they will be spoiled, well i don’t really know abut that, I mean i will make sure they have it all but their education and discipline is also important. Personally i think child discipline is a blessing from God , well because some parent tried and gave it all for nothing! but oh well what do i know?



Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine, when i first heard she was pregnant i told her , i wanted to be the one to direct her photo-shoot.  I think baby bump are beautiful but anyway as much i yearn for babies and marriage and education , they all seems too scary and complicated to me at the same time. Yes and the reason why most of my friends are married or have children and still pursing their education, is just so i get to learn from them. (playing smart you know)



This particular friend of mine name is Fuany, she was married at a young age for about 3 years now , she is still pursuing her education and is in her last year at a University here in Maryland, she is also working full time and she is actually expecting a baby.  As excited as i was for her , i tried to put everything together for her in my mind, like how would she be able to manage all of this ? then i hit her up and asked if i can blog her and here we are people. I’ve always wanted to do a maternity shoot! so yay!




The interview with Fuany is more like a narration. Basically i asked her few questions, like how is she managing her marriage? What make it easy for her? does believe in God? if so how important is her belief in her marital home? how is she able to manage, marriage, School, work and baby at the same time? and if she has any advice for you guys and i? well a sister gotta learn something remember ? Bellow is her narration.


Hello! my name is Fuany Johnson, and yes I am married. I have been married for three years now. My marriage is strong because of God. My husband and I pray together and study the bible. We also attend church and serve The Lord. This takes the focus off ourselves and put the focus on The Lord for a healthy marriage.



Hello! my name is Fuany Johnson, and yes I am married. I have been married for three years now. My marriage is strong because of God. My husband and I pray together and study the bible together as well. We also attend church and serve The Lord. This takes the focus off ourselves and put the focus on The Lord for a healthy marriage.



Young couples, think of your partner before yourself. If you are selfish, your relationship will always be centered around you and not your partner. Pray without ceasing and ask God for a healthy relationship with your spouse.
God is first in our marriage. Don’t be angry with your spouse. Always settle your arguments on the same day and do not let the sun go down on your anger.

Being pregnant is exciting and tiring all at the same time. My baby means the world to me. I can’t wait till she gets here. Working, going to school, being a wife, and being pregnant is not easy. To ease my mind, I pray to God and try to relax every time I get the chance.


It was great doing my photo shoot with you and your crew. I love my pictures so far. They are professional and very beautiful. I can see the pictures and visualize when my baby gets here. Thank you so so much for taking your time and doing this with me. God bless you!!


Well, and that was about it, i got to learn a few things out of this one !! We wish Fuany all the best in her marriage as well as becoming a mother. We can’t wait to feature her little angel on this page as well.

Love XOXO!



Creative Director: UniqueByReelia

Makeup: UniqueByReelia

Photo: Cruffent


Born To Love

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. This is one of the story you will fall in love with just by looking at the pictures. The girl friend in this blog is actually a good friend of mine in fact i call her my sister.  We been through some up and down together, she was once there for me and i believe i did the same for her at some point in her life. I was in New York when she actually told me about this guy “Hugh” her sweetheart. Well i was really happy for her but never got the chance to meet him since i used to do a lot of back and forth between Maryland and new york. Nadine was based in Maryland so that is where we get to meet most of the time, when am visiting home. Since i recently moved back to Maryland to stay , i still didn’t get the chance to meet my friend / sister sweetheart , because he end up moving to Minnesota. During this summer Nadine called me to let me know that, he was moving back here in Maryland and so i was really excited to finally meet him.


Well i didn’t really plan a date with them , i actually trick them into doing a photo-shoot section with me and from there to i want to blog them. They didn’t have any idea that, they will end up here on my blog at the beginning, until the shoot was done , and i handed them few question to answer. The reason why i actually wanted to blog them was because , as close as Nadine and i are , we talk a lot about the good and the crazy in our lives,  she once shared a story with me, that touched me a lot and i just really wanted to find a way to share it with the world. The boy friend didn’t have any idea that i knew about that story , so he was the one that answered that question. To know that even during this 21st century racism is so surreal and people actually face it daily just got me thinking.


Does it really matter who you chose to fall in love with?? because through my experience , i believe is not really a choice to fall in love with someone. Well  you meet someone, the connection is there and boom , you re in love. It doesn’t really have to be about race, tradition or culture. If God is an artist and we aim to see through his eyes not just skin color , but the heart and the soul we are falling for , then love is meant to be a winner. One of my professor once told us that, everyone is “Born to love”. when you are a baby , you really don’t know white from black , you can only make those differences according to those who raised you.

This is a beautiful love story i can’t keep for myself but rather share it with the world.


My name is Nadia Dogbe. I am a biology major and planning to become a pediatrician. I moved to the US from Togo about 4 years ago. It is difficult to be away from my family, but since Hugh has come into my life I try to be more positive than ever. His support, love and and the everyday thoughts of my family keeps me going.


My name is Hugh Kenety. I graduated from St. Olaf College about a year ago (located in Minnesota) with a double major in Political Science and Race & Ethnic Studies. I was born and raised in Silver Spring and just moved back from the Twin Cities after working in the non-profit sector.


Reeliadiary : How did you guys met?

Hugh: It was last year in August and I had just attended a #blacklivesmatter protest in DC due to the events surrounding Ferguson and Mike Brown. Afterwards a friend of mine told to me to slide thru for a party happening in Rosemary Hills. I was a bit tired but with enough nagging I decided to stop by. She was siting on a stool and after a quick couple of smiles and stares she started up a conversation with me. We hit it off well and chatted for the whole night. Later that night I offered to walk her home. Once I reached her apartment I asked if we could meet again. The rest is pretty much history we’ve been speaking everyday since.


Reeliadiary: What make him an interesting person?

Nadia: I have always been fascinated by guys who knows how to cook or at least try. Our first subject was about food and the kind of food he was good at cooking. He offered to cook for me and I really wanted to try his cooking. We have been talking everyday since. It is not everyday that you find a “white” guy who can handle a very spicy food lol.  He has a big heart. I know this answer is kind of vague but he is the type of guy who brings you roses, who loves his friends, who wants to help people around him. His attitude of selfless sometimes makes me wonder because he always wants to make everyone around him happy even though that task is not an easy one. We complete each other on different levels.


Reeliadiary: Ok , Hugh while i was doing Nadine makeup , you mentioned something about the fact that she need to love herself the way she is, what do you mean by that?

Hugh: I think a lot “black” women in America have a hard time accepting the way they look, especially when it comes to the hair. A lot of black women have a complicated and conflicting relationship with hair. American standards of beauty generally isn’t inclusive of natural African hair or darker shades of skin color. I hear this coming out from her so often with worrying questions like “does it bother you that I’m going natural” or casual comments like “why am I so dark?”. I tell her that I love her the way she is and that it would be my own fault if I didn’t.  She is her own beauty simply because she isn’t conforming white American standards of beauty.


Reeliadiary : Do you love yourself the way you are? And how does it make you feel to have someone loving you just the way you are?

Nadia: I love myself, but I have to admit as an African woman, I became pretty conflicted with my biological hair the first months during our relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I have hair. What I mean is that I was worried that Hugh wouldn’t be used to girls without a weave or even braids. Unfortunately, some women like me besides the physical appearance are not blessed by long silky or wavy or as someone would say nice hair. I want him to see the real me. Therefore, I stopped getting weave about  3 months ago and cut my hair too. I was so nervous because we have been in a long distance relationship for a year, so I didn’t want to scare him. I remember the look in his face when he saw me and I knew he would love me no matter how I look with or without hair. This fact is very priceless to me.

Having someone who loves you the way you are, is the best feeling ever. I know we are different in cultural ways, but at heart we are identical.


Reeliadiary : Did it bother you that she cut her hair and is growing it natural?

Hugh: Nope. She is looking gorgeous!

How do you guys cope with your cultural differences, for example food ? Clothes and the language differences ? Would you consider that a barrier to your relationship?

Nadia: Well, when it comes to the food I have to admit it , that it’s one thing that keeps us growing stronger. First of all, i love the fact that we both love spicy and hot food. He is very open minded, free spirit love to try new dishes and hopes to make fufu haha… he also has to master the art of eaten with hands haha


Reeliadiary: Did you guys ever encounter any racism issue while been together? Can you guys tell us a little story and how did u guys went about it?

Hugh: Yess , There was once a time when we were at a club in Minneapolis and a white bouncer had told us to stop dancing and leave without a given reason. We were clearly not out of control or uncoordinated so we were confused, he then called her “your black whore”.  To me, it was one of the angriest I remember feeling in a long time. A fight broke out with another bouncer striking me first from behind and spraying pepper spray all over me and her (along with about 10 other people in the club). It was absolutely uncalled for and disgusting. We had done literally nothing wrong and yet they treated us like trash.

On the flip side there have been moments where I have been pleasantly surprised by the supportive gestures of strangers. We once rented a cabin in a rural part of West Virginia and I was worried we’d run into dirty looks and racial insults because I had heard horror stories about it. But it turned out quite the opposite. Everyone we ran into in West Virginia, from the gas stations to the supermarket was super nice and courteous. We had a middle age cashier telling us she thought we were a cute couple and later a couple of roughneck looking fellows giving us supportive smiles and offering to open the door for us.


Reeliadiary: Any advice to people going through the same thing?

Hugh: Don’t mind the haters but also remember to do some self reflections. This should be true for any relationship, but it’s especially needed in an interracial relationships because of a lot of reasons. This kind of relationship (interracial) is going to face a lot of social issues that are going to affect it from the outside.  Additionally, I think questioning the reason you are with someone is important to keep the relationship healthy. Some couple fetishize their partner as a trophy and that can led to an unhealthy and problematic relationships. There’s also instances of cross cultural exchanges that have to be negotiated and discussed for greater understanding. Both parties have comes from a place of minimum value judgement to foster trust and work as a team. One of my favorite motto for cross cultural exchanges is “it’s not right or wrong, it’s just different.”


Reeliadiary: Thank you guys very much, i enjoyed working with you too , and wishes you guys an amazing journey full of love and happiness, it will be my absolute pleasure to see you guys make it through years and years!!

Nadine & Hugh: Thank you so much for the opportunity, we had a blast working with you. You are just amazing as person.

Reeliadiary: I really enjoyed doing this shoot with them. When we was on set , Nadine was telling me that , they not a professional models. Well i walk toward her and told her , i wasn’t looking for a professional model , i wanted them to just be themselves. God being themselves was crazy ok , i really just started missing my partner …. they were  so adorable together , i can see love and happiness through both their eyes. It was just awesome working with them, i enjoyed every bit of the moment we had. Have i mentioned, that it was my first time meeting Hugh.  He is really down to earth and actually funny so yeah , this is a keeper !

I toast to their LOVE!!

Don’t forget to comment , subscribe and share your own experience with us as well.

Special Thanks to our personal photographer.

Photographer : CRUFFENT

Instagram : CRUFFENT

Dream Chaser

Hello Fam!! meet  Ami Essenam . She was born on August 15th 1992 in West Africa Togo.

She moved to the US at a younger age. She reside in Philadelphia and pursuing her education. When it come to fashion we can describe her as more of lay back and natural type.



She is more casual and not really into makeup, she like been very natural, something i really like about her. I recently did a makeover with her and it was very successful. Here are some of the pictures we took during her makeover section alongside with the interview.

DSC_0700 ok

This blog is more of an interview ,that describe her as person, her achievement , her inspiration , her career , her future goal and how she can relate all of this to fashion in general. I knew she used to play Tennis , so i decided to incorporate that part of her personality during our photo-shoot section.

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My name is Ami Essenam Sandra Amegan, I am 23 years old. I love God, my family and tennis (in that order) lol. Architecture is my passion, I put my heart and soul into it.  I study Architectural Engineering and Architecture with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering.  I interned at an architectural firm, as a construction management and now at an engineering firm. I was awarded scholarships and merits “for being a black female in engineering”By the state of Philadelphia. I  also received an award of proficiency in Math by the state of Pennsylvania as well.
I love to play tennis, I’ve played Tennis when i was in High School  and also in college as well. My favorite color is red.

Reeliadiary : What motivated u to try something new during our recent shoot?

Ami: What motivated me to try something new was honestly you. You know fashion, you know your job. I trusted you enough to know that , you had a vision for me and that you knew what would work best for me.

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  Reeliadiary :  And how can you relate your future career to fashion?
Ami: To relate my career to fashion, I have to say, what I do is also a form of design. I have to be able to design things that are appealing to the eye but also safe, and cost effective. So fashion and engineering are two parallel professions.


Reeliadiary: Any future goals in mind?

Ami: Yeah off course , My future  goal is first  to get my Masters in Architecture and a Doctorate in Engineering. I want to own a non profit organization one day, that I could will be building houses in less developed countries and provide shelter for children and people in need.



Reeliadiary: Interesting , So if there is any word of motivation you would like to share with other young women around the world for them to believe in their own dreams what would it be?

Ami: uhm , if there is One advise I will give young women, it will be to stop living in the old days. Things are changing and we need to encourage each other, not bring one another down. We need to support each, raise each other up instead of competing against each other. When chasing a dream, you must never give up. You must firmly believe in it but you must also work hard to achieve it. Because believing alone isn’t enough. Hard work, dedication and the right attitude are what gets you close to your dreams. And last but not least,  do not let anyone tell you , you’re not worth it. Because we all are and we all are capable of achieving anything we set our mind on.



Reeliadiary: thank you so much Ami was nice working with you!

Ami: like wise, you are amazing Reelia.






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Cultural Diversity



Cultural diversity is defined as, the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, in a society, or an institution.

“Human cultural diversity is vast; the range of cultural practices, beliefs, and languages that we speak is vast.”–Mark Pagel

In this photo-shoot we took it back to Africa , traditional inspired make up!
The reason why i actually focus on the topic “Cultural Diversity” is because This blog post and photo shoot feature people from different countries. Ghana, Niger, Togo USA and Liberia.
I appreciate them falling in love with the African culture in general and accepting to portray that image through these photo shoot.




I was born in west Africa , a small country call Togo, i moved to the state at the age of 16, and started school from 9 grade. When i first started my high school here in the state, i went to Northwood High school. Well everything was different , i was completely in a different world, I met so many different people , Latinos, Africans, Haitian , Black Americans, White , German , french and so on. The first thing that caught my eyes ,  was actually seeing two young people kissing in class. I know (right)  i was shock, that seems very weird to me,  these kids were kissing everywhere , i really didn’t get it, actually that was something i was aware of, duh (everybody knows what kissing was lol)  but never actually seen people do it in class or perhaps all over the place. 😀




Then i also saw this 14 years old pregnant girl coming to school , acting like everything was ok, while in mind that was not ok! ( am not being judgmental but it was weird back then) like in my country you get pregnant at 14 , you are a disgrace to the family and people don’t have the kind of mindset that , you can get pregnant and still go to school. Beside you will be so ashamed you can’t even come out of your house until the baby is born.( and those case where pretty rare back then)  So technically in my mind i was right .



Was it my fault to think that way ? no , is just because culture differ everywhere, but with time i learn to accept and embrace this culture, I understand that my culture was not as perfect like i used to believed it,(even though i want to say it is , i can’t because , there is always a pro and a con in every culture) to me it was perfect because that was how i was brought up while growing up, therefore they(Americans and other people ) might feel the same way about me too.(i don’t blame them either). I actually got curse because i wasn’t wearing a socks, how crazy that sounded to me back in those days? wow ok these are my feet you are talking about! if i wanted, i would have be wearing socks , but back where am from nobody cares about those things. Well, the funniest part was the fact that i didn’t said anything back to the girl because ,  i was afraid she will beat me , and i don’t even know how to fight, (i never fought before,said no to violence) 😉  so i just walk by , well i was a bit hurt, but very scared because those girls, we don’t play with them. The once that come to school just to get into trouble. That girl her name was Shaniqua 😉 (not her real name tho) but one day she fought this other girl and pull her hair out and the blood was actually coming out. What?? how can i mess with someone like that?? seriously i love my pretty face and my head this way :).









The more i grew in the state , the more i learned new things, the more i learned to embrace other people culture and the respect they have for it, especial while going to school, i understood that in life we can’t just be ethnocentric but in other to spread love we most learn how to be open minded and not judgmental toward others culture . It took me a while to embrace different culture, but the truth is , i love it, i love meeting new people from different country. I get excited meeting people from different countries of  Africa  I’ve never been to or even heard about before moving to the state. Only  if it was in my power i won’t mind traveling the whole world, it sounded very exciting now that am talking about it.





Cultural diversity bring different approach about the way we view life in general and how we see and accept others.