Cultural Diversity



Cultural diversity is defined as, the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, in a society, or an institution.

“Human cultural diversity is vast; the range of cultural practices, beliefs, and languages that we speak is vast.”–Mark Pagel

In this photo-shoot we took it back to Africa , traditional inspired make up!
The reason why i actually focus on the topic “Cultural Diversity” is because This blog post and photo shoot feature people from different countries. Ghana, Niger, Togo USA and Liberia.
I appreciate them falling in love with the African culture in general and accepting to portray that image through these photo shoot.




I was born in west Africa , a small country call Togo, i moved to the state at the age of 16, and started school from 9 grade. When i first started my high school here in the state, i went to Northwood High school. Well everything was different , i was completely in a different world, I met so many different people , Latinos, Africans, Haitian , Black Americans, White , German , french and so on. The first thing that caught my eyes ,  was actually seeing two young people kissing in class. I know (right)  i was shock, that seems very weird to me,  these kids were kissing everywhere , i really didn’t get it, actually that was something i was aware of, duh (everybody knows what kissing was lol)  but never actually seen people do it in class or perhaps all over the place. 😀




Then i also saw this 14 years old pregnant girl coming to school , acting like everything was ok, while in mind that was not ok! ( am not being judgmental but it was weird back then) like in my country you get pregnant at 14 , you are a disgrace to the family and people don’t have the kind of mindset that , you can get pregnant and still go to school. Beside you will be so ashamed you can’t even come out of your house until the baby is born.( and those case where pretty rare back then)  So technically in my mind i was right .



Was it my fault to think that way ? no , is just because culture differ everywhere, but with time i learn to accept and embrace this culture, I understand that my culture was not as perfect like i used to believed it,(even though i want to say it is , i can’t because , there is always a pro and a con in every culture) to me it was perfect because that was how i was brought up while growing up, therefore they(Americans and other people ) might feel the same way about me too.(i don’t blame them either). I actually got curse because i wasn’t wearing a socks, how crazy that sounded to me back in those days? wow ok these are my feet you are talking about! if i wanted, i would have be wearing socks , but back where am from nobody cares about those things. Well, the funniest part was the fact that i didn’t said anything back to the girl because ,  i was afraid she will beat me , and i don’t even know how to fight, (i never fought before,said no to violence) 😉  so i just walk by , well i was a bit hurt, but very scared because those girls, we don’t play with them. The once that come to school just to get into trouble. That girl her name was Shaniqua 😉 (not her real name tho) but one day she fought this other girl and pull her hair out and the blood was actually coming out. What?? how can i mess with someone like that?? seriously i love my pretty face and my head this way :).









The more i grew in the state , the more i learned new things, the more i learned to embrace other people culture and the respect they have for it, especial while going to school, i understood that in life we can’t just be ethnocentric but in other to spread love we most learn how to be open minded and not judgmental toward others culture . It took me a while to embrace different culture, but the truth is , i love it, i love meeting new people from different country. I get excited meeting people from different countries of  Africa  I’ve never been to or even heard about before moving to the state. Only  if it was in my power i won’t mind traveling the whole world, it sounded very exciting now that am talking about it.





Cultural diversity bring different approach about the way we view life in general and how we see and accept others.



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