Dream Chaser

Hello Fam!! meet  Ami Essenam . She was born on August 15th 1992 in West Africa Togo.

She moved to the US at a younger age. She reside in Philadelphia and pursuing her education. When it come to fashion we can describe her as more of lay back and natural type.



She is more casual and not really into makeup, she like been very natural, something i really like about her. I recently did a makeover with her and it was very successful. Here are some of the pictures we took during her makeover section alongside with the interview.

DSC_0700 ok

This blog is more of an interview ,that describe her as person, her achievement , her inspiration , her career , her future goal and how she can relate all of this to fashion in general. I knew she used to play Tennis , so i decided to incorporate that part of her personality during our photo-shoot section.

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My name is Ami Essenam Sandra Amegan, I am 23 years old. I love God, my family and tennis (in that order) lol. Architecture is my passion, I put my heart and soul into it.  I study Architectural Engineering and Architecture with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering.  I interned at an architectural firm, as a construction management and now at an engineering firm. I was awarded scholarships and merits “for being a black female in engineering”By the state of Philadelphia. I  also received an award of proficiency in Math by the state of Pennsylvania as well.
I love to play tennis, I’ve played Tennis when i was in High School  and also in college as well. My favorite color is red.

Reeliadiary : What motivated u to try something new during our recent shoot?

Ami: What motivated me to try something new was honestly you. You know fashion, you know your job. I trusted you enough to know that , you had a vision for me and that you knew what would work best for me.

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  Reeliadiary :  And how can you relate your future career to fashion?
Ami: To relate my career to fashion, I have to say, what I do is also a form of design. I have to be able to design things that are appealing to the eye but also safe, and cost effective. So fashion and engineering are two parallel professions.


Reeliadiary: Any future goals in mind?

Ami: Yeah off course , My future  goal is first  to get my Masters in Architecture and a Doctorate in Engineering. I want to own a non profit organization one day, that I could will be building houses in less developed countries and provide shelter for children and people in need.



Reeliadiary: Interesting , So if there is any word of motivation you would like to share with other young women around the world for them to believe in their own dreams what would it be?

Ami: uhm , if there is One advise I will give young women, it will be to stop living in the old days. Things are changing and we need to encourage each other, not bring one another down. We need to support each, raise each other up instead of competing against each other. When chasing a dream, you must never give up. You must firmly believe in it but you must also work hard to achieve it. Because believing alone isn’t enough. Hard work, dedication and the right attitude are what gets you close to your dreams. And last but not least,  do not let anyone tell you , you’re not worth it. Because we all are and we all are capable of achieving anything we set our mind on.



Reeliadiary: thank you so much Ami was nice working with you!

Ami: like wise, you are amazing Reelia.






Photoshoot Powered By : Cruff Entertainment

Instagram: Cruffent

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