Team Love

“We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization,” Martin Luther King, Jr.
As human we are all lifted up by one individual choosing peace.  We can all create something that can bring hopes, energies, and dreams to our community. What if it can be you and I making this decision together? Perhaps What if you are destined to be your generation’s peacemaker? This might be your calling, think it through!
In this blog I really wanted to focus on some positive ways to promote peace in our broken world. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding what else we can do to try to prevent violence and cultivate peace in our fragile world. For me, bringing my community together and celebrating each other is one way out of many!



I come from a tiny country situated in West Africa. As tiny as the country maybe we have about 6.817 million population (2013) compare to America that has a population of 316.5 million (2013).

The world we live in doesn’t really know about us , the first reason might be because there are just a few of us.  At the same time our country is hiding somewhere in West Africa. Beside that we are francophone, you can agree with me that is hard to be known around the whole word just by speaking French. That is also a set back for our country. Some of us do try to bring a name for the country since we was fortunate to move to the state at a young age. So this blog is basically dedicated to all those young Togolese people doing great things in the State or in Europe or even in Togo just so not only we can bring peace and love among us but so the world get to finally hear about us as well.


This topic came to my mind when  , Reine AKA Togo Barbie came up with this idea that every 3 month , we get to appreciate Togolese women doing great things , or that inspired us. So I told her I will support her project by posting a picture of a young that inspired me. Then I took sometime to brain storm the person am going to pick? wait who? because the list is so long and I can’t even pick one person. Then I knew I have to come up with a better plan. Basically my blog was the other alternative and am just here trying to write about lot of beautiful soul doing big things , with humility, love and support toward one another. It take so much out of a person to impress me , excuse my French I respect people hustle and I do respect people in general but I don’t just follow the crowd , I just basically want to be in my zone and be impressed.


How I know Reine? actually I don’t even know her , I’ve never met her, but I like what she does, She is a girl from my country that tried to bring artist , designer, MUA and dj’s and just incredible people together through her talk show on youtube. Do you understand that? she chose to do it and not getting paid while in other countries people get paid for what she does? I think that is just inspiring and if you get a chance stop by to support her chanel on youtube * LettalkTogovio*


Then I met this other young lady , her name is Rachida  Kankpe-Kombath she has her own cosmetics brand. This girl inspired me so much, she is driving and so determinate and I just love and cherish her friendship because it is positive but full of GOOD VIBES. I think the world need people like her, somebody who is just there to push you through. She inspired me because out 6millions plus habitants from my country she is the only female that I know with a cosmetics brand. Everyday I wake up and just ask God to keep on blessing her. Google her brand to know more – Zahara Cosmetics


Then I know this other girl doing incredible as well she has an accessories brand full of beautiful product made in Wax. Did I mention how crazy this girl is about Nana Benz? Wait I dnt even understand it myself , at this point am asking myself if am missing something? But I love what she does and I love how open she is about her business aspect and I do respect her hustle because she is doing pretty incredible. Nah I didn’t forget to mention her name , Am talking about  Carmen Attikossie and the name of her brand is -Cartik.



This other young lady doing incredible with her brand, “Kingdom Fashion” her name is Sika. Ah writing this blog I get even excited writing about a person I actually met before. But yes I met Sika 3 times , she was really cool and I did like her personality then, she was really friendly and so is her husband.She has a clothing brand , not just any kind of brand. Her clothes are pretty unique I would say the prom type of gown or wedding type of gown. They are gorgeous. When I said gorgeous I mean mind blowing gorgeous. You should google her work as well you will see where am coming from. – The Kingdom Fashion-



Let me talk about this guy I met about 4 years ago, his name is Kiki, Ah this guy is just one of kind, he is an award winning Supermodel. He is a hard working young man that chose not to give up on his dream, he is one of those friend that I can’t even afford losing. What I like about Kiki tho, he doesn’t work hard for himself , he basically work hard for all of us, our country in general and am really proud of how far he has come. I ‘ve watched him grow in this fashion industry which is not and easy industry but he chose to give his best and I believe the best is yet to come his way and I just pray so. Google Him -Kiki Elom Kossi



Oh wait this blog can’t be over , I almost  forgot to mention that my close friend I go everywhere with ! You know Nafi right, she is my friend because she inspired me a lot ok , I think is reciprocal. She is driven , she one of those person that will chose to stick with you through it all , she inspired me because she a strong  hardworking woman…….. And she s so good at makeup ! She is one of the few I can trust with my face. plus she is so beautiful OMG that black skin beautiful… She can really model if she chose to go for it! You know we all just really need that one friend that understand us, drama free type of ish .. personally that is all I need right now!


Then I have this other friend, her name is Brigitte , am one year older than her , and this girl inspired me so much ok, this is someone that I will go too if I want really to slap me in my face y’all. But this girl got her associate degree then her Bachelor and married with a baby. Wait! what? for somebody younger than me she got her life together tho. OMG am not even comparing her life with mine right now! am just really proud of her. I love the fact that she s happy wherever she is. That is what inspired me very much! That is all that matter !


Did I mentioned how much of a fan I am of myself tho? Nah!! , I will keep that one for another time! 😉




This t-shirt is everything mehn. It is a must have ! yeah basically it conclude everything happening in this world nowadays. We are all foreign citizens , especially in America so we have to embrace our differences and celebrate peace at its best!

The CEO of this brand is Jean-Luc Fatou, he is a really good friend of mine and of course he is from Togo. I really like what he is doing with his brand!!

Be an Ambassador of love today!!

Link to their website will be bellow==> check them out!

Now you see my dab game too strong tho!

My shoes is a gift from my friend Nafi

and am wearing this purple Zahara cosmetics lipstick mixed with pink LA girl lippy!


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